7 1/2 billion people in this world, how can anyone find each other?  It was just meant to be.  She was in Ohio, he was in California.

Let's get together in February.  How does Sunday the 18th sound?

We know just the place!  Woody.  Secluded.  Prettier than...

Crash with us.  Sleep under the stars if you want!  (Seriously.  There's space for your tent if you bring it.)  After the campfire, we're gonna chill in the cabins and wake up to a seashore's sunrise.



Please join us if you can!  (Just let us know ASAP because we have to make reservations, thanks.)

I know for some of you it's somewhat of a trek, but I promise you there's plenty good playin' out here.  Chill in Monterey.  Play tourist in San Francisco.  Go to the source of the best American wines, all right here in Napa and Sonoma.  You know San Francisco was named the food capital of the entire world recently (based on Michelin stars)?  Maybe you'd rather go snowboarding in Tahoe?


...Whateverz, you'd love it.

So, alright I know tradition says you're gonna bring something.  But I think you know us... we really don't need more stuff.  Trust us, we will treasure your cold, hard greenbacks $$$ as if it was that ornate silver punchbowl you've been eyeing, since it's gonna be going towards our honeymoon!


Thanks guys!

YES @ come-and-join.us

Dean & Jane

Love always finds a way!

We're getting Married!!!

Ha ha, jk!!!  We're gonna go HERE.  Rad huh!?  (Make sure you follow their driving directions.  Trust me!)


Let's get there at 3pm cause we will start at 3:30.  Don't dilly dally... and after all the mushy stuff we're gonna party all night long!


Drinkin', foodin', dancin', fire pit, oh yeah DRINKIN'!!!